Waltham Watch Factory - NEU Plants class site visit

I recently took my Planting Design class from Northeastern University's Program in Urban Landscape to visit the Waltham Watch Factory to investigate the performative aspects of planting design. Tim Mackey, from Richard Burck Associates, Inc, toured us around to explain the many aspects of the project's site design.  This is an incredible project where rain gardens have been created to harvest and treat rain water from the acres of roof top area before it is released into the adjacent Charles River. The gardens and other planting help define intimately scaled courtyards and gathering spaces in this vast complex of buildings being renovated by Bruner/Cott Architects.  A mixed-use development, the site design offers inviting public and private areas, has worked to mitigate pollutants from its long industrial history and employs a variety of sustainable technologies such as permeable paving and stormwater infiltration trenches. 

The Central Courtyard in the residential complex.

Stabilized crushed stone paving and cherry trees.

Entry from the bike path to the Central Court.

Bike Path along the Charles River.

Permeable Asphalt really works!

Plants beginning to emerge in the rain gardens.